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2016 Shittiest Luck Award
« on: September 27, 2016, 03:19:48 PM »
I didn't see a post started on here yet so I thought I would take the liberty to start one. I posted this on facebook and have copied to share on here for the 2016 Shittiest Luck Award:
I think that I have had shittier luck this year than last. I ruptured my meniscus in march just as I was starting to get in shape for the season. Due to the ass dragging of the doctors and insurance, I had to wait until the end of July to have my knee surgically repaired. Of course that is the best time to be golfing both in tourneys and leagues as well as just for fun. For me, it was watching it on you tube while waiting for my knee to heel. I had to drop out of every tournament I registered to play with the exception of 2: IOS: Pitner Memorial at Channahon and Illinois State Championship. After playing my best round ever at the Canyons at State, I had a realistic shot at getting my first trophy. With 6 holes left to play at Highland I slipped and fell landing on my elbow. I was pretty much done at that point dropping 9 strokes on the last 5 holes to finish 10th in novice :( that was the last time I played before my surgery. I had to drop the rest of the IOS, Ledgestone, Indiana State, just to name a few. I am finally heeled enough to play, to a certain limit. I cannot do stairs well yet so I cannot play Highland at all, which is heartbreaking being one of my favorite courses. I was ready to play the Channahon Classic on my birthday too 9/25......until I got pneumonia, which I am currently battling while I post this. Since the surgery, the only courses I have been able to play are Rivals in Wilmington and old smokey in Braidwood. The shittiest part about the knee injury, I had a great job that i loved so much and when I told them about having to get surgery done, after coming into work for 4 months barely able to walk and busting my ass every day, they decided that they didn't want to wait 6-8 weeks for me to return and let me go. All that i can do is keep my head up and hope for the best. I have my sights set on Echo in October. Lets hope the luck changes for the better before then, I cant take much more if the shitty.