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I talked to Brett tonight and it looks like Hamilton A-Tier will probably be on the same weekend as it was this year.  I don't want to step on their toes, so it would probably be better to move the classic to another month, perhaps august?  Maybe even earlier - like May?

I didn't know Jesse and Darrin wanted to run some events, cool :)  Jesse - make sure to send Brett an email and tell him you're interested in running some events so that he includes you on the list of TD's he contacts when it comes time for scheduling.  Those emails should start coming out soon!  Sounds like Highland for one, what's the consideration for the other?  The classic?

Channy and West Park---Saturday

Highland Park and Trinity Links---Sunday


Eagle Ridge 2 rounds---Saturday

Channy 2 rounds-----Sunday

Just thoughts.

The Channahon/West Park day 1 and Highland/Trinity Links day 2 is what I originally wanted for this year's Championships, but I was overruled.  It worked out though.

I wouldn't mind a Channahon/West Park day 1, Highland Park day 2 - haven't been out there yet, so I don't know what kind of room there would be to add a bunch of temps.

I wish Jericho had a little bit more to offer - even from the longs.  Would be fun to do either single day Jericho and Oswego or something similar.

Do people prefer 2-days or just the split days?  I've heard decent amounts of people saying both.  Right now the numbers of players are dictating split days are better, and if people want to play both days they just sign up for 2 different divisions.

Leagues & Tourneys / Where do YOU want to see a tournament take place?
« on: October 27, 2009, 05:07:35 PM »
I think it's generally agreed that the Joliet Championships should be moved earlier in the year.  That's cool and great.  However, I'd like to continue on with tourneys at individual parks.  I have to talk to Jason McKinney - I don't know if he wants to continue with the Channahon Classic or if he would like me to.  West Park usually goes well, although I'd probably try to get the pavilion next year (provided it has power!)  I don't think I'd run one that was exclusively at Trinity Links, and there's of course, Highland Park now that is well deserving of a tournament all by itself.

Just curious what the thoughts are from others on what would be neat to see!  I'm starting to pull together what courses I'd like to target for a 2010 schedule.

Leagues & Tourneys / Joliet Disc Golf Championships - Oct 24th-25th
« on: October 08, 2009, 11:46:40 PM »
All tournament information is now online as well as pre-registration is NOW OPEN!!!


Some of the specific details may change, but enough of the information is there, and you can stay tuned here for some extra info if anything becomes available.  The website will be updated as well.

Limit 90 players per pool - there will be one pool of AM's, one pool of Pro's.

Trinity Links, Highland Park, and Community Park will be the featured courses for this event!  It's the must play event of the year!!!

Full Tournament Information and Registration is now online!!!  There's going to be 21 holes - probably some similar stuff to what you have seen at an IOS in the past.

So if you're not playing at Worlds, come on out to Aurora August 1st and 2nd!!!

I do have the pavilion reserved for both days!

Sign up at the link above, save $5 if you pre-register!

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