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Leagues & Tourneys / Re: J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League
« Last post by Disc71 on May 29, 2014, 08:45:57 AM »
WEEK 8 - May 28, 2014
First Half #8
Community Park, Channahon, IL

18 Holes - Short Tees - Par 54
The night started out with clear skies with a storm trying to make it’s way into the area. The temperature was around 73 degrees with NE winds at around 11 mph. By the end of the night the temps dropped into the low 60s and the winds picked up with gusts around 16-20 mph. The course is in great shape and looking beautiful as usually. Mosquitoes are out but the winds kept the biting numbers down. It was a perfect night for disc golf

• Sorry for no report last week. I was in Arkansas on vacation. Thanks to Mick McGowan for stepping in and helping Old Man Johnson.

• Within a couple of weeks we will be working on getting the course ready for IL State. We could use all the help possible. I will keep you posted.

•  IL State PDGA Pre Registration is now up.

Saturday July 19 Pro/Adv

Sunday July 20 Ams

• In the Pro/Adv field Team Big Guns Kris Hutter and Dan Osysko take the first place victory on the second hole of a four way tie playoff. Hutter hyzered the hole for an easy deuce. Hutt jumps into first place with only four weeks left of the first half. Dan & Kris shot a great round of 43 (-11)

• Winning In the Am/Nov field were Josh DeLucio and Jason Kuder.  They shot a nice round of 45 (-9) and won the playoff.  They keep them selfs a live in the points totals for the first half.
• Paco Grimes came out and walked around to say hi to everyone, but working on the course became too irresistible. Who else do you know walks around with power tools to say hello. We found him lying on the ground saving a tree and getting ripped up by mosquitoes. Just another day at the office he says. The man is dedicated machine.

• Only four weeks left of the first half and there are some great battles brewing. You got to love all the thrash talking heading into the final month!

 • Good luck to Dana Vicich & Taylor Cimala as they take off this weekend to Japan to compete in The 2014 Japan Open on June 5-7.  The Japan Open is one the Premier events of the year.

• A couple of our other local pro players will be battling this weekend at the Discraft Great Lakes Open.  Good luck!
Al Hermosillo
Tom Matesevac

• Also good luck to all the local players battling at the Oswego Open this weekend.

 • Phones were glowing and radios were blaring as everyone tried to keep up with the results of elimination game five of the NHL Western Conference Finals between the Blackhawks and Kings
The Blackhawks win in double overtime!

• Congratulations to Team Illinois on their victory in the Team Invitational in the Northwoods.

• Anthony Rodriguez of Team IL donated a Roc from the Team Invitational tournament for a ctp. Thanks Twan!

• Aces and Chain donated several calendars for ctps that we will be giving out the next couple of weeks. Thanks Patrick!

• Good luck to Jake Broughton as he packs his bags and heads West to Denver, Colorado. We’ll miss you!

• Congratulations to Ashley & Ryan Gremillion on their new baby girl.

• Dellwood Park help needed

• No aces  = $210 to start next week

64 Players
26 PRO/ADV     38 AM/NOV

Hutter & Osysko take the top honors for the night. They end up splitting 116 bucks. Steve Forneris & Jake Broughton take the second spot and they split 72 bucks. Steve & Jake both make good jumps in the point standings. Bart Zandstra & Al Hermosillo end up in third and split 42 bucks. Al now sits in second for the first half. All the teams shot 43s(-11).


Kuder & DeLucio take the top honors. They take home 34 bucks each and tack on a huge 4-points to their totals. Taking the second place honors were Eric Dobczyk & Travis Tang. They also shot a 45 (-9) and they split 40 bucks. Both Eric & Travis make good jumps to the top of the points totals. We had a tie for third with teams shooting 46s(-8). Jeff Kinsella & Theo Fellios win the ctp playoff on hole one to take the third cash spot. They end up splitting $29. This win keeps both Theo & Jeff in contention for the first half.

Al Hermosillo - CTP Party Fund hole1 #3= $45
Darrin Johnson- CTP Party Fund hole2 #5 = $44
Jason Kuder - CTP Tournament Fund hole #7 = $44
Dave Hopkins - CTP CFR Disc hole #18
Scott Carroll - CTP Disc & Calendar  hole #16

No aces  = $210 to start next week
Al Hermosillo takes third and hits a ctp. He takes home $66 for the night.
Jason Kuder wins a takes first and hits ctp. He takes home $78 for the night.


See You Later,

Courses / Re: Dellwood Park Work Hours
« Last post by pooleje on May 28, 2014, 07:40:58 PM »
From Facebook (5/27 Sean Callahan):

"Ok its been a couple crazy weeks but we are hitting The Canyons at Dellwood Park really hard this week. We will need volunteers this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We are auggering the holes for the sleeves and installing sleeves on Friday. Steve Matul (008) will be out there leading the whole thing and needs as many hands on deck as possible. We will need people to haul away the spoil from the augger on Thursday and help with moving concrete where ever necessary on Friday. I would like to get as many volunteers on Saturday as well, we have many other things to do. I will be out there as soon as Im done with work both days as well. Let me know if you can help out. Thanks!"

"7:30am through the afternoon. Til we're through."
Leagues & Tourneys / Re: J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League
« Last post by Disc71 on May 28, 2014, 08:07:59 AM »
1st Half • April 9 – MAY 21, 2014

Al Hermosillo now takes over the top spot of the Pro/Adv Division.

Steve Rachan opens up a three-point lead in the Am/Nov Division

You can also use the sidebar called "Leagues"  "Points" to download a pdf

See You Later,
Leagues & Tourneys / Re: The Trilogy Tee Pad Challenge - July 5th
« Last post by airspuds on May 26, 2014, 10:48:19 AM »
Nice !  thanks for running this event !

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 3rd Annual Paragon Open May 24th
« Last post by jflick on May 23, 2014, 01:54:12 PM »
Up to 30 pre-registered! Hope to see some the Jtown folks down this way tomorrow!
Leagues & Tourneys / Re: Trinity Triples June 15th
« Last post by jflick on May 23, 2014, 01:53:19 PM »
Tournament update, the following awesomeness will occur: Ring of Fire, Tons of CTP's, Huge Raffle, and first 25 Am teams will get there choice of almost every Prodigy Mold currently available including the New X1 driver in 750 plastic!
Equipment / Big Hyzer Ergo2 backpack bag for sale
« Last post by 26228 on May 22, 2014, 09:55:09 AM »
Have a Black/Red, brand new Ergo2 for sale- $189
txt/call if interested 815-575-1917
J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« Last post by pooleje on May 21, 2014, 08:11:57 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 29
Community Park, Channahon, IL
Meeting called to order:  5:00 PM

Members Present:
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Kristi McCarthy
Shawn McCarthy

1) Financials (see attached)
     •   $743.34 Available for course projects.

2) Handicap Singles League
     •   Average of 15 players per week.
     •   Second session has been sanctioned to run from 6/3-7/29 (9 weeks).

3) Bag Tags
     •    J-Town is looking for a member/members to assist with running the Bag Tags.

a)   Ace Fund
     o    3 options put up for consideration
             Roll ace pot over to handicap leagues
             Donate the money to Morning Star Mission as part of our Ice Bowl
             Leave the money as a bag tags ace pot.
     o   Vote pending.

4) J-Town Invitational
     •    9/6/14, Jason Poole-TD, Frank Grimes-Assistant TD, Dellwood park if available
     •   We are currently looking into having trophies (1 pro, 1 am) made.  Frank will ask Kelly Murray if she is willing to do paintings for us again this year.

5) 2014 Elections
     •    Running un-opposed:
          o   Frank Grimes- Vice President
          o   Dean Bingham- Secretary
          o   Jason Poole- Treasurer
          o   Jeremiah Bly- Member Advocate
     •   Voting for President
          o   Thor Batchelor, 6 votes
          o   Dave Kociuba, 8 votes
     •   New officers will take over positions on 6/1/14.

6) Club Baskets
     •   Vote to purchase 4 Discraft Chainstar baskets passed 3-2.
     •   Thanks to Thor Batchelor for picking up the baskets for us and saving us shipping costs.
     •   Basket borrowing rules:
          o   Members may borrow baskets free of charge provided they are returned in the same condition they are received.
          o   Member must have a signed contract on file before being allowed to borrow a basket.
          o   Borrower is responsible for the pick-up and return.
          o   Event requests take priority over personal use.
          o   Borrower will be allowed a 2 week minimum before the next personal request is fulfilled.
     •   Borrowing rules approval vote pending.

7) Open Q&A
     •    No topics presented.

Meeting adjourned, 5:28 PM

PDGA / Re: World's Biggest Disc Golf Weekend 2014
« Last post by airspuds on May 20, 2014, 01:40:41 PM »
my brother had a putter (of mine )   from the 1995  worlds biggest he gave it to a newbie player
Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 32nd Illinois State Disc Golf Championships
« Last post by Disc71 on May 20, 2014, 01:11:25 PM »
32nd Illinois State Disc Golf Championships
July 19 & 20, 2014
Highland Park, Joliet

Registration is now open.

Saturday July 19, Pro/Adv

Sunday July 20, MS1 and all other Ams

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